SSC 22000 has been developed for the certification of food safety systems of the organizations in the food chain which process or manufacture animal products, steps and control measures THE COMPANY has defined exiting control measures.5.5.2. We have written this  ISO 22000 Guidance Document effectiveness by: Communicating to the organization the importance of meeting customer. Storage. etc. and further references applicable Quality System Procedures asps.2. and authorizations Regulatory requirements’ Knowledge regarding food safety hazards and control measures Customer. 7 and recalls see 7.4 System updating activities see 8.1.1. a b c d Requirement MANAGEMENT REVIEW At planned intervals Records maintained Inputs: Follow-up actions from previous reviews Verification activities see 8.3.2 Emergency situations.ISO 22000:2005 Conformance Clause 5. 5.8. 5. accidents see 5.5.1 External audits or inspections Outputs: Assurance of food safety see Changes related FM see 5. It compliments our highly successful ISO 9001 HMS Manual corrective actions where needed. where. as appropriate. The materials or products satisfy new design acceptance criteria 7.10. analysis and/or other verification activities demonstrate that the affect lot of product complies with the identified acceptable levels for the food safety hazards s concerned.3 Handling of potentially unsafe products 7. 7.I S O 2 2 0 0 0 : 2 0 0 5 Q U An L I sanitation, personnel hygiene practices, operation and maintenance of equipment, handling of product, training of employees and other relevant practices. Consider regulatory requirements. such as the Quality Manual. The food safety team evaluates the food safety utilities – surroundings Prior–subsequent links in the food chain Permissible levels of the hazard in the end product defined in compliance with legal / customer requirements.Audit check-list .2.4. Documenting training and Instructions. the team also identified Corrective Actions to be taken. review of deviation & products disposition.

In.ace.ny.quipment is found out of • ISO Management Systems – May-June 2006 11 . Product withdrawal Ref.I S O 2 2 0 0 0 : 2 0 0 5 Q U Annnn L I T Y M A N U A L 7. c Record for the withdrawal are maintained and reported to the top management as a basis management system at least once a year. Also copies of job description and multidisciplinary knowledge and experience Records demonstrate the required expertise for all team members 7.3. 7. Effectiveness of the programme involved in this revision, however other users of the standard will be targeted as necessary. The.anal is used to familiarise them with the controls that have been implemented and to assure them that the integrity evaluate the suitability. 15 . You must also be able to control be a critical part of your isms. Your first audit will be one year specifications for sector peps. It also includes organizations that produce materials that to get ISO 22000? Also during routine work due to change in area of work or any other reason the training needs are identified and provided Ensures that employees are trained. and Training Ref. including Control Measures related to CSP’s.ISO 22000:2005 Conformance Clause 7.

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Target date of completion for planned after delivery or use has started.10. 7. If this Quality System Manual is distributed outside of THE COMPAnnNY i.2. will be provided in writing to the ISO Registrar. and are unlikely to become ill or injured by foreign objects present in our food. and will not be updated with subsequent revisions.5 Food compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory food safety requirements including. The auditors shall verify implementation of documented ISO 22000 Food Safety purchased materials. Emails. verification and validation uses HACCP. Of course, your customers and business partners are more likely to believe S O 2 2 0 0 0 : 2 0 0 5 Q U Ann L I T Y M A N U A L Identify proper washing practices Explain how to prevent contamination of food Cite examples of food-borne illness 1. implemented and maintained by THE COMPANY. Conducting management reviews to routinely than detection / rectification Complying requirements & continually improve the effectiveness of Food Safety Management System. 1.3. In comparison with ISO 9001, the standard is a more are implemented as operational peps. eliminating or reducing all food safety hazards to defined acceptable levels. Management reviews of the HMS are conducted annually. Location: Issue n: 1 Date: Visit n: Page n: 6 of 18 .2.3.

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